Posted by Geoff May 31, 2007

Found a great site that lists random chats people have had on chat pages on t'internet.

Take look there's some classics:

My favourites so far:

Coff: We should bring rain ponchoes back. Problem Solved.

Cyg: New Problem: I don't want to look like a homeless wizard.

And this:

jeeves: so we got these new sliding filing shelfs put in today

jeeves: and a bud was grabbing some files, so he hit the latch to slide the shelf over

jeeves: pushing it against some other shelfs

jeeves: so i ran and stood inbetween the closing shelfs

jeeves: and shouted "Shut down all the trash compactors on the detention level!- No, all of them!"

jeeves: naturally, my bud was startled and stopped

jeeves: so I started laughing my ass off and walked out of the filing room

jeeves: nobody got the joke :(

poster1: dude you're a geek

jeeves: i know



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