Posted by Miranda September 10, 2007

Ok so as usual i am shit at posting things when i actually do them, but last Thursday i went to see Ricky Gervais on his Fame tour. I have to admit that i am not a huge fan of Ricky and i really don't get on with the office, although extra's is quite funny, and after seeing him die at the Princes Diana thing when he had to fill in for a few min  i was a bit worried about if he would be any good.

But actually he was pretty funny!! Not mind blowing but an great night out, and we had seats on the second row, so spitting distance really :) I have to say a big thanks to Octane Simon for a fab evening out, and a great birthday present! Especially the Italian that made me feel like i had just been in an airplane for 12 hours!! Kisses xx

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