Posted by Nick January 07, 2008

 Doodler extroadinaire Jon Bugerman has created this selection for Size?. Doodler extroadinaire Jon Bugerman has created this selection for Size?. Now we all know Jon'll draw on anything you put in front of him ;) and this time it's resulted in a great collection featuring a reversable hoodie, crew neck sweatshirt, t-shirt and this beautiful umbrella which i love and it's an early contender for bargain of the year at £11.99. And with each piece limited to 300 peices you can't afford to sleep on this one (especially the umbrella!).

Oh and here's a pic of the hoodie too, its not the umbrella but its still great ;) the reverse is black with orange burgerman detailing on the pockets and hood. Check out all the items here.



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