Posted by Miranda April 29, 2008

NYCC Post 2... 7 Deadly Sins(The Baroness - Hot as Sin itself)

(The Baroness - Hot as Sin itself)

(Left to Right: Nick as Sloth; Ginny as Amy Winehouse - Pretty much all the sins; Ho as Sexy Nun - Lust; Shakey as Devil Pimp - Greed; Geoff as V for Vendetta - wrath
and Kirsty as Tank girl - Wrath)

(As the last photo apart from me as Sexy Pirate wench - Lust and the rest ;)

So friday night saw the Kidrobot Baroness dunny release and then Nicholes after party the 7 deadly sins Birthday bash. This is defiantly the best party we have been too, Fancy dress, Spank Rock and a free bar. What more could you ask for? How the hell she is gonna top it next year god only knows. The clutter team arrived in style with our very own limo... Timed perfectly for the fag break of mad, sket, tris and huck. They know we rock it! I can't possibly tell you anymore about this night, you really had to be there. But if you look on flickr it will fill in some gaps, some amazing costumes and the best group of people ever!

(Me and Nick)

(The Clutter Gals)

To see more pictures check out flickr

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