Posted by Miranda April 02, 2008

So I think you all need to see this, not to point and laugh, but for your own safety and that of any future ink!!

So I think you all need to see this, not to point and laugh, but for your own safety and that of any future ink!!

Leo, recently went under the needle, at Modern body art in Birmingham to get that amazingly executed tattoo, seen above (We love Modern body art here at Clutter, and hope to go under the needle there at some point soon). This is what happened next:

"I went to the local chemist around the corner, unfortunately it was closed so I dropped into the corner shop next door. They didn't have the cream I was looking for so I picked up some savlon liquid which I put UNDILUTED onto clingfilm which I then left on my arm overnight.

Because I was so egar not to ruin the tattoo, I made the mistake of not reading the label, and ultimately ended up with a pussy mess" -Leo

Poor Leo!!! His lovely ink, turned into a pussy mess :( I feel for him i really do. All that's left to do now is wait and see!

"My advice to anyone is to firstly read what your putting on your skin and do some reasearch into aftercare before even getting a tattoo" - Leo



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