Posted by Nick May 14, 2008

Pick of the bunch on the new releases is this awesome figure from REACH. Pick of the bunch on the new releases is this awesome figure from REACH. Not sure about the gloss black but def can't go wrong with the pink or yellow figures and he looks awesome with his lil body stretched out behind him!
Also coming out is the much anticipated mini-series from MIST. I wasn't a big fan of the one figure that already came out at the pirate store (far left) but thankfully there's some awesome looking characters in there to keep me happy, plus the promise of an extremely perverted chase figure :p

Other stuff in June includes new accessories for Munny, a lazy ass looking, but cute, dunny from Devil Robots (although it is pearescent!!), a Mad Barbarians mini-series and a Peeeeeeeecol (Zzzzzz...)




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    Yum Yum. REACH x agnès b. DÉLICES Valentine's Day Chocolates. They just make me hungry :)
  • Wednesday, May 16, 2007 - 10:41am
    No sorry ABBA fans i'm not breaking into song to celebrate Eurovision. New 10" Teddy Troop announced by adfunture featuring Reach. And look it even has some pink on it to satisfy you-know-who!
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