Posted by Geoff June 10, 2008

(L-R): Armybot, Slam, Aidamo (L-R): Armybot, Slam, Aidamon

Bout time these things came out but it's been worth the wait - we first laid eyes on these at New York and they looked great in the flesh. Armybot has already seen in Black (NYC Con edition) and this green version looks just as slick.

Slam: Loving the details on this from the Gallows-eque chest tat, big money buckle to the piercings. Looks like he's got some thought bubbles on his head too.

Aidamon: Definitely at the cuter end of the scale for MAD design but a nice contrast between Slam and Armybot - esp as most MAD*L collectors are gonna have to get them all. Pretty simple design but it's clean and fresh.



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