Posted by Miranda July 25, 2008

I Saw this for the fist time last night, and actually flicked over half way through so was a bit confused for a while. I first thought it was a segment on show discussing Monkey's performances in London. Until it got towards the end of the clip, and revealed a stadium and it all became clear! Now i am totally torn about this. For one its really cool (obviously) and I’m sure Hewlett et al made a tidy sum out of it (maybe the reason for behind it after all, and who can blame them). It also brings the mix of east vs. west together so well, and having seen the opera first hand I am always looking for my next Monkey based fix. However the Beijing Olympics have been shrouded in so much controversy, so should we be supporting it in this way?

I think it’s a bit of shame to cheapen Albarn and Hewletts vision by turning it into nothing more than a commercial. Views please…



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