Posted by Miranda August 13, 2008

So it seems Ho has beaten me to the post about the September KR releases, which is good cause there is only one thing I want to talk about....

Finally we can reveal that yes, we have a Dunny in Series 5.. whhoooooooaaa yyeeaahh! We had to keep this on the down low as I am sure you will understand. We were first asked to do some dunny designs back in May 2006 (and it wasn't even for this series ;), so it’s taken a while to see her realised. The photos below are of the prototype so the final version may be slightly different. We haven't even seen it yet, but we can't wait.

She even comes with her own sword... see below, obviously held by JLed's dunny.

Keep an eye on our blog for when we get our allocation of Dunny in, they will be available from the shop! And look out for more Clutter x Kidrobot product in 2021 ;)

Goooooo Team clutter!!!!!!!


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