Posted by Miranda October 21, 2008

One thing I am sure you are all aware of is how much we as consumers and business owners get screwed on postage costs (lets not even begin to discuss what customs tend to do, and £10 just to write a note that says you owe a customs charge is not on!!). Anyway, not only has our nice post office been closed down, but they keep increasing the cost of our shipping, mainly on the sly, hoping we wont notice.

Unfortunately we have noticed, and because we work on tight margins as a publishing company we have been forced to increase our postage costs. Which sucks I know. So expect postage for Europe and the rest of world to go up by 50p – we know we know, sorry guys! Its not our fault we promise.

When we started it cost about £2.40 to post one issue to the states, and now it’s a whopping £3.40 which doesn't seem much for one issue, but when you are sending hundreds of subscriptions is means a huge post office bill.

Due to this we have also been forced to withdraw our international subscription offer. We will still honour anyone who has an existing subscription of course! We are hoping we can get someone else to take these up in the relevant countries, and also increase our distribution network. UK and Europe wide subscriptions will still be available.

You will, of course, still be able to buy individual issues from the shop no matter where you live, and occasionally we will try to do bundle offers to help reduce the costs for you! Damn the world economy.

So please keep spending with us.. and lets get cracking with issue 14.

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