Posted by Devin December 22, 2010

Hey Clutterers, I leave for Vegas tomorrow but I thought I'd leave you with a few things to give you some christmahanakwanzika cheer before i go. First heres what to do in case zombies are crashing your xmas party and ruing your pie.

Quite handy! And speaking of culinary delights...

Check this awesome gingerbread bat thing by Paul Kaiju. I love that this is dripping with icing and malcontent, that is one pretty metal gingerbread house. I think that gingerbread should be a new avenue for wicked culinary creations! Check out some other geeky gingerbread houses at kontraband

Also nothing gets me in the spirit like a little chap hop. Compliments of Mr.B the gentlemen rhymer. If your unfamiliar with Mr.B then bully on you! I suggest familiarizing yourself with his entire catalog for some delightful banjolaly infused rhymes.



Next is a new holiday tradition I highly recommend sharing with your loved ones. The Spicy Donut annual viewing and mocking of Santa's Slay! This film is a gem combining an evil Santa (played by wrestler Goldberg), curling, and cheesy gore in Christmas ecstasy! Get it on amazon here.

Now if that doesnt get you in the mood maybe you need a little something stiffer... and more nostalgic. Might I suggest a yoshi eggnog to warm up that icy heart. This little concoction is a mario inspired green and nog colored  libation. Get the recipe from the drunken moogle, an awesome place for many other video game inspired drinks.

Well that should get you through the holidays in a slightly better mood. And whether your worship steampunk jesus, the flying spaghetti monster, or santa cthulu may you have an awesome holiday! 

Here's a Santa Cthulu for you from Robin Levy

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