Posted by Nick May 20, 2011

Woo the Cavey Birthday celebrations are nearly upon us and this is the final unviel for the special Caveys made by Holly Stanway aka Alittlestranger and a whole host of other exciting artists! These 1 of a kind  Caveys went up on eBay last night here and are already getting plenty of bids! Make sure you keep an eye on them!

The final artist list for these Cavey collabs include previously teased designs from Triclops, Sneaky Raccoon, Doktor A, Jam Factory, Jon Burgerman, Lunartik, Lunabee, Peakimo, John Paul Kaiser & Phil Corbett as well as these insane creations from Cris Rose and Joe Knapper, taking it all really a step too far. Really these are all insane designs and creations and its testament to the skills of Holly that they all look as amazing as they do.

In particular i love Lunartik simple design, but the quality of that leathery lookin teacup draws my attention everytime i look at the figures. Make sure you watch the figures on ebay and don't miss out on the chance to grab these one of a kind figures!


Caveys Bday takes place on May 26th at Fleet River Bakery in Holborn, London Facebook event page / View Google Map


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