Posted by baykiddead July 07, 2011

The Japanese artist, Shin Tanaka, is pure shogun. But it's his designs that'll cut you to the core. Growing up he developed a nasty habit of falling in love with sneakers he couldn't afford. So what did he do? He made them out of paper. Now he's world-wide, helping the likes of Nike and Adidas create the kicks that new generations of kids covet. But he's also relentless as a toy designer as well.

Shin has now teamed up with Maqet to release his Boxy. What had started as a paper toy, and then became a platform design for customization, is now taking its turn as a fully realized toy. Maqet's resemble ceramic, and are made with highly polished, eco-friendly materials. The Boxy comes in two sizes and four styles. Priced at $25 and $45.

You can find them HERE


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