Posted by Nick September 06, 2011

All's been quiet on the Futura front for a long time now, aside from a few collaborations that have gone pretty much unnoticed, but the grandmaster of graffiti has returned in the last few weeks with the relaunch of Recon and now this collaboration with Descente. While it doesn't seem much from the outside this gillet is lined with a pretty stunning piece of his artwork.

The gillet will be available in the Futura Laboratories Store on Friday 9th of September. $540!?! bargain. hahahaha. It's cool, but i fail to see where it hides its $540 worth of coolness. Must be very well hidden.

I doubt we'll be seeing anything from Futura toy wise in the near future, unless Medicom or a streetwear brand can convince him to put his tag on a figure. Shame.



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