Posted by Devin October 11, 2011

Tons of exclusives hitting NYCC from the greats at My Plastic Heart. The sheer amount of exclusives "M.P.H." brings to the table this year is incredible and the toys just keep coming. Odds are they have a figure, print, signing or custom that makes your own little plastic heart have a coronary. The Dragon King G.O.D by Kano is probably my favorite from the line up but their are so many its really tough to choose. I mean everything Doktor A touches has a place on my shelves. Today "M.P.H." announced a super limited run of the glop in a box by Andrew Bell. Only 8 people. So grab them quick they won't make it to the end of the con I'm sure.

via kidrobot

Devin "Spicy Donut" Lawson

glop red

I suddenly want a cherry Squishy from the kwik-e-mart.


I think i need that suit.



Bruce lee would be proud... such a great sculpt.


Love the funky 70's vibe. He reminds me of my old art teacher who was a chubby version of bob Ross and permanently lived in the 70's.

mork prisoners

Great devious expressions. You can tell they probably deserve to be in prison.


These are just weird. wtf?


Looks gorgeous and moody. Can't wait to see the whole thing.


Not a font geek but I know plenty who are.

brent nolasco

The paint jobs on these are really cool looking/ appropriately named

guilty dumpling

Violent murderous dumplings for Halloween. How can you not love that!


I can imagine him 500 ft. tall attacking the city and tagging it up.


He seems un-amused... and shiny. The eyebrows make it :)

ghost girl

These always kind of creeped me out. I like them but in a weird way. Not sure how i would feel if it was looking at me and glowing while i was in bed. Glowing and judging and plotting. I'll probably get two.


the cultyard



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