Posted by Miranda February 16, 2012

We love a James Jarvis figure over here at Clutter, so we were excited to find out that after the huge success AMOS  had with their first wood edition of YOD, One Gram  (Amos's Japanese Licensee) and Landscape Productions got together to produce a new Dark Wood version.

Each figure is hand carved from untreated solid walnut and come in two parts that join together using steel magnets. Produced in Japan they are packaged in airtight bags inside a re-sealable clear plastic sphere.


Only 50 pieces have been made worldwide, and AMOS only managed to get 12 for European sales. They will be offered to store gold members first, any left over being offered to other membership levels. 

These will retail for GBP 259.00 plus postage and packing. The Dark Wood YODs will be available in the YOD section at from 1pm (GMT) on Saturday February 18th. You will need to be logged in and then go to Themes/YOD to see the product.


Usual rules apply. If you are intending to buy do not attempt to order any more than 1 of these or your order will be canceled.


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