Posted by Nick February 16, 2012

Now i'm not the biggest Gary Baseman fan but WOW this figure is crazy! Gazza and The Loyal Subjects have really gone to town on this one. The Buckingham Warrior stands 12" tall and is probably the most elaborate Baseman figure to date. Due to drop in April the green 'Wolyner Forest Warrior' version is limited to 400pcs and will retail for $115.

Also i hate figures with elaborate backstories, but just this once here's the Buckingham Warriors:

"This legendary deer’s story begins in the Woylner Forest where a once idyllic life with his fellow creatures is violently upset by a tyrannical land baron and his men’s efforts to occupy and subjugate the forest. In an act of ultimate resistance, the deer regrows his head and several others after being decapitated in battle, and in so doing so becomes the Buckingham Warrior. Inspired in part by Baseman’s father’s experience of Holocaust survival, the Buckingham Warrior defends not only the forest and the natural world but  in a broader context tradition, culture, and ways of life from forces of intolerance and evil. He represents and protects precious ideals such as respect, dignity and freedom on multiple levels."

Available for pre-order from Noon PST on Wednesday, February 22nd


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