Posted by Richie February 22, 2012

It's a given that we all love toys, you wouldn't be here otherwise! It's also a given that our collections are usually stored in glass cabinets, scattered on desks or collecting dust on shelves. As lovely as they are, what if we could make more use of them? Incorporate a bit of utility, bring them into our daily lives? Well we might just have an answer for you...

Here we have the Monster Rug by Longoland!

Monster Rug measures in at approximately 36in x 50in (91cm x 127cm), it's made of industrial felt and polymer clay and each one is handmade so no two are identical. They can also come in grey or white. I personally love the white one, very abonimable snowman, and you wont have to go to the trouble of hunting a pesky yeti down yourself. So being made out of felt it's yeti friendly, and would be an amazing focal point adorned on your floorspace!

Click here if you want to grab one for yourself. Just watch it doesn't bite your foot off if you step on it!



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