Posted by Seek and Destroy March 23, 2012

Can you guess what this is? Warning: there are heavy disclaimers for what you are about to see." Think you know what it is?  Read on to see if you’re right." as posted on the BMezines Body ModBlog

Ok, I'm game, a little like Jeopardy right?
So... I click the more link, and ah yes that' what I thought it was. NOT!!!
WOW!!! A stretched achilles peircing...
 I thought that was everyones weakness? I guess this guy doesn't have any!
You can now see the need for the disclaimers. You really should visit the ModBlog to read them if you are even considering doing this. And maybe a few other places too. I mean you gotta give it up to this guy, this is some gnarly shit. He really kicked it up a notch with this one, I would hate to have to walk a mile in his shoes.
Sorry for the blatent puns but thats just what I do.
Until next time...Seek and Destroy


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