Posted by Trustpigs March 28, 2012

Not only is Ferg a high demand designer, but he also remains quite the busy one; apparently never satisfied to rest on the laurels of his last project, he'd rather wow you with how he plans on topping it. But, once in a while, he does do something just for the fans… Such is the case with his SQUADT "GERM s002 [born wrong]" Retailer Edition, a more 'mass market' variation of his figure from last October for those that weren't lucky enough to snag one. Though, as with all his retail versions, we're certain this will still be a limited run, probably of only 500 copies.

As always, the 6" Squadt will come well equipped; GERM s002 is set to include: a jacket with integrated hoodie, an sM4 with removable suppressor & sniper scope, an sMK23 with removable suppressor, both the 2.0 articulated & classic arms, and a removable helmet. He's already scheduled for release in April, with certain stores taking pre-orders now, and carries a retail price of $95 each.

But there's quite a bit more… Ferg's already teasing fans with his next figure: the "K11 Boomer." Based on a custom he created for last year's "Medium War" solo show, this figure takes the canine Squadt companion and modifies his head into a briefcase… one filled, it appears, with radioactive explosives. You can also get a glimpse of the satchel pack strapped to the figures back and, while not shown, we fully hope that this will include the Squadt-sized detonator control that came with the original custom piece. Alas, no word on release date yet, but if the above production piece is done then it can't be too far off, right?


Ferg's also revealed the above picture, which is of his long-awaited collaboration with Luke "Grody Shogun" Rook of Lulubell Toys. Given the name "Young Gohst,"  Rook is known for crafting pieces in sofubi (soft Japanese vinyl), so it seems probable that's what these are made out of. The brain, spinal stem, and tongue are one piece that is then cast inside the outer body, with the tip of the tongue extending out. It's such a wonderful design and, if rumors are true, these 3" figures will be available in a myriad of color combinations.

With all three of the above seemingly heading towards release in the near future, we can't ignore the fact the Ferg has listed these on a "coming soon" list he issued about a month back. What else was on the list? Chipp s004, Trouble Boys #7, and Micro Buds. So how long before we start seeing something regarding those, one must wonder…


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