Posted by Trustpigs March 25, 2012

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema recently expanded, opening their Slaughter Lane location in Austin, Texas. To inaugerate this new addition to the Alamo family, they did the only thing they could and had "an epic opening weekend of epic epicness," which they go on to describe as:

We’ve been working with Edgar [Wright] on the best possible programming to showcase his dynamic filmography and we’ve come up with fantastical weekend of movies to honor the grand opening of our brand new Slaughter Lane location. Wright has been to all of the other Austin Alamo locations over the years for special events and just to hang out and enjoy a local brew and pizza pie along with a flick. So he wanted to come down and help us break in the new digs with style over our opening weekend!

You might know Edgar Wright, the English writer/director, for a couple of his films: Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Hot Fuzz. On Friday, March 23rd, attendees joined Wright for a three-course Scott Pilgrim-inspired dinner party before watching the film. Then, on Saturday, March 24th, Wright hosted a "quote-along" showing of Shaun of the Dead (during which attendees also received a free inflatable cricket bat, to defend themselves from undead neighbors with) followed by a viewing of Hot Fuzz.

While this all sounds fantastic and makes us all want to relocate to Texas, the real kick in the pants is this: Mondo was in attendance and had commissioned Kevin Tong to design a special poster highlightening the three films. The poster, on sale during the event, looks absolutely amazing (pictured below). All we can do now is pray and hope that Mondo has some extra stock of the piece, which might means regularly checking their web store and Twitter feed for updates. We can just wait and see now…



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