Posted by Trustpigs April 24, 2012

A lovely and relaxing swim in a lake, deep in the heart of the Midwest. The sun beating down upon you, the water glistening, the fish darting around your feet… wait, where did all the fish go? What was that? It felt big. Really big. Cue the Jaws theme song. And then cue the entrance of the Mud Puddle Snybora.

Part of The Lake Monsters series, this Chris Ryniak designed beastie has seen a couple of variations already, but this hand-painted one is certainly something to write home about. Yes, this 3.5"-tall tan-colored vinyl figure is hand-painted with a burnt sienna rub and dark brown accents. And, of course, those glossy, over-sized eyes are in pure black. The painting has been handled by Joe Somers of Squibbles Ink & Kirby Kerr of Rotofugi and the figure will be available — in limited supply — exclusively from Rotofugi for $35 each. While the exact number made is unknown, they are placing a limit of one per household on this release. The Mud Puddle Snybora will be available on Friday, April 27th at 11AM EST here.


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