Posted by Miranda April 04, 2012

Bigshot Toyworks have just revealed the final color render of the Jeff Pidgeon Fox character for the Trickster Project. Created by two Pixar artists, Scott Morse and Ted Mathot, Trickster is an alternative to SDCC, open directly opposite the con, to act as a more fan based outlet.  It's a combination of bar/store/galley, offering a more intimate hang out and platform for creators to discuss and engage their audience. Morse and Mathot were tired of SDCC being take over by Hollywood, so created a way to promote work that doesn't confirm to franchise property rules of a big companies. 

For 2012's offering Jeff Pidgeon has been working on this fox figure, with Bigshot Toyworks creating the 3D sculpts. Not really sure on the edition numbers etc but i am told that the image above is the final approved colorway. 

Shown below are the process images - showing the original models and artist notes. 



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