Posted by Doug April 12, 2012

ICN gallery opened the "What is Ukiyo-e?" exhibition last week showing work from Japanese masters such as Hokusai, Kuniyoshi, Hiroshige, Sharaku, Utamaro.  You might be wondering what Ukiyo-e is, well Ukiyo-e literally means "pictures of the floating world"  and is usually a woodblock print or painting depicting everyday life and other popular subjects from the Edo period in Japan.

This exhibition is put on in association with the The Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints and the Adachi Foundation for the Preservation of Woodcut Printing.  It features some brilliantly done woodblock prints some of which i have shown below, but personally i was more blown away by the few paper mache pieces.  To full appreciate them you need to go see the show as the photos do not do them justice.

The show runs from 5– 28 April 2012 in the main ICN gallery space.

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