Posted by Miranda July 05, 2012

3D retro (at the Frank Kozik booth #4734) is set to release these OMFG Series 1 exclusives with a special Color Changing Mutation! Limited to just 200 packs and priced at $10, these start off a dark blue/green color (when cold) and turn a light red when warm/hot. 

OMFG! Series 1 consists of five collectible mini figures including: 1. Multiskull designed and sculpted by Charles Marsh (aka Monsterforge) from South Carolina 2. Crawdad Kid designed and sculpted by Daniel Yu (aka Dory) from Singapore 3. Phantom Outhouse designed by Kyle Thye from Iowa and sculpted by Ralph Niese from Germany 4. King Castor designed and sculpted by Dominic Campisi (aka The Evil Earwig) from California 5. Stroll designed by John “Spanky” Stokes from California and sculpted by George Gaspar from California.


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