Posted by Erica July 30, 2012

Mishka NYC has partnered up with the hottest tattoo magazine, Inked, to design a super rad Tee Shirt. The shirt features Cyco Simon tattooing a, barely clothed, woman surrounded by skeletons. This is the first collab that Inked has done, but from what i understand there are many more to come. 

This limited run tee was designed by Lamour Supreme. When we spoke to Lamour about the shirt, he told us that the girl in the artwork, was not a made up character, she actually modeled in the tattoo chair as he painted the design. 

There was even an awesome party thrown in honor of the collaboration, at MISHKA NYC on 350 Broadway. Below are some photo's of the party, snagged from Greg Mishka & Lamour Supreme's Instagram accounts.

Each shirt goes for just $32 an can be found at the Inked Shop, as well as on MISHKA.  



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