Posted by Miranda July 06, 2012

Monsterworship has announced 5 San Diego Comic Con exclusive releases for this years festivities, and I'm going to post them in order of Clutter's favorites. Monster Worship will be appearing at Dragatomi's booth #4935 on Friday 13th between 11am - 1pm, and we know that their stuff sells out fast, so if you want to grab one of these you have to make sure you are inline at 11am!! 

We are big fans of Johnny Ryan so number 1 on our list is the Rottweiler Herpes (awesome name). Based on the Prison Pit Villain character, he is fully decked out in his full color death hosen! Priced at $85.00, he is made of Sofubi and stands at 8" tall. This one was sculpted by Monster 5.

Keeping with the Johnny Ryan theme, also to be released is this Unpainted Black Vinyl of Cannibal Fuckface. Priced at $75.00, he stands at 7.5" and has 4 points of articulation.

Really when considering Monster Worship Toys, my first and upmost love is Jeff Lamm's, Greasebat, so you may be wondering why its in the number 3 slot? Well the answer is simple.. not enough information yet. The only info is that there will be an exclusive, and it will be painted.. HOWEVER... I'm sure it will kick ass and i will need it :)  Priced at $85, there will be some one offs also available... I think i just pee'd a little. 

In the 4th spot is the Alter Beast KLUH colorway priced at $45. This SDCC exclusive is cast in green vinyl with purple, green, white and grey accents. Standing at 6" tall with one (kinda of random) point of articulation. 

Last up we have Kusogon bKxMK, standing at 4" tall with two points of articulation. There will also be some special hand paints available. 

So there you have it... swing by Dragatomi's booth  #4935 on Friday 13th from 11am.


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