Posted by specialK July 24, 2012

Artist Tim Maclean's first solo show, "Fragments & Phantoms", opened 7/14 at San Diego's Subtext Gallery during this year's  Comic Con. The paintings are of super heroes & movie characters representing mythical gods. 2 Mythical rolled up in 1. 

Spiderman X Hermes 

Wonderwoman X Athena . I love this because it's Linda Carter as Wonder Woman as Athena


Ferris Bueler X The Trickster 


Batman X Hades

Willie Wonka X The Trickster. Tim has done several Movie characters as The Trickster. Go to Subtext Gallery's site to see some more. 


And our man The Hulk X Hercules

Subtext is showing Tim Maclean's "Fragments & Phantoms" through 8/31

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