Posted by Trustpigs August 09, 2012

Clay "Ferg" Ferguson is bringing you way back to the halcyon days of youth, when it was proper to bring toys into the bathtub with you… Yes, the third edition of his Squadt fr0g design is being prepared to be released. Modeled after a NAVY Seal or other underwater insurgent, the "SQUADT fr0g s003 and K11 SPOT [FROZN WHOLE]" re-imagines this unique take of the Squadt platform in the cool colors that the Frozn Whole series are most known for. Limited to only 200 copies worldwide, the 6-inch Squadt fr0g includes wetsuit, tanks, flippers, spear-gun, sMP5 machine pistol, tanto knife, 2.0 articulated and 'classic' arms and removable helmet while the K11 Spot comes with wetsuit with pouches, flippers and removable helmet. The set is scheduled to be released in the Project Squadt webstore on August 13th at 12 Noon CT for $115 each.



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