Posted by specialK August 23, 2012

Grady Gordon creates black & white monotype prints that can quite possibly give your kids nightmares. I'm not kidding. To call them creepy would not do them justice. Being individual, one-of-a-kind prints makes these pieces even more unnerving. It's not like there is 50 of them out there, there is one. One demon, ghost, spirit, soul -  whatever you want to call it. It's out there & it's looking at you. Now close your eyes & go to sleep! 

Yeah, that one is looking at you. Grady just started to incorporate full figures in his work this year. 



The print directly above really makes me uncomfortable. I hate clowns! That is the freakiest clown I've seen in a while. 


You can take a look at Grady Gordon's website for more images, but Grady's Instagram @joaquindead is the best way to stay current. 

Photos courtesy Grady Gordon & Beautiful Decay


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