Posted by Erica August 13, 2012

I just saw something pretty interesting on Jason Freeny's Facebook Page. Freeny posted the photo below on his timeline with a caption that reads "I think it may be time...". Jason Freeny performing one of his "dissections" on possibly the most iconic doll ever? That is some exciting shit. Knowing Freeny, he will most likely post work in progress shots on his Facebook Page. 

Also, i would like to share some of the comments on the post with you, because some of them are just hysterical. 

"we can see all the evil that's inside... maybe it's a machine..."

"Shes full of LIES!!!!"

"they made a pregnant barbie once where her belly popped off and there was a baby in there... it was creepy but would make an amazing project!"

"She needs a very tiny brain"

"but will she have a heart?"

"Is that fashion whore barbie?"

So if this tickles your pickle, be sure to "Like" him on FB, to follow the entire Barbie Dissection process. 




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