Posted by Trustpigs August 22, 2012

The delightful Holly Stanway, also known as A Little Stranger, is expanding the Cavey universe a little more with the release of August's "Leopard Cavey." Handmade out of soft, fluffy faux fur leopard fleece, you might notice that the traditionally rounded Cavey ears have been altered into more feline triangular variations that suit this design perfectly. Limited to only 100 copies, the Leopard Caveys will be available for adoption into your home and heart starting August 27th, 2012 at 3PM EST. Available exclusively from the Cavey online shop, the cuddly troopers will set you back £16 (approximately $25) and come complete with a Cavey Cube zip-up carry case and matching enamel pin for the design.

[Discovered via Urban Vinyl Daily.]


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