Posted by specialK August 30, 2012

Artist Alyssa Nassner & Bryan Ische curated an incredibly fun show called 'Pokemon Battle Royale' at the Light Grey Art Gallery in Minneapolis, MN.  151 artists were called upon to create original works of art inspired by the original 151 Pokemon. All of the original 151 are represented in 'Battle Royale', and all of them bring the artists' own style & creativity to the card table. Let me just say that you don't have to be a fan of Pokemon to enjoy 'Pokemon Battle Royale'. 'Battle Royale' has pieces ranging in style from dark & ominous to psychedelic & everything in between. Here are some of pieces that were featured in the show.

Arbok by Jesse Tise

Zubat by Jacia Anderson-Coovert

Mageton by Anne Ulku

Chansey by Alyssa Nassner

Starmie by Eastwood Wong

Magmar by Willem Rosenthal

Zapdoa by Jared Schorr

Clefable by Katie C. Turner

To see all of the 151 pieces check out the 'Pokemon Battle Royale' website.


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