Posted by baykiddead August 14, 2012

I came across this video of a couple of dudes from Montreal who hand make longboard skate decks. Working as Unikorn, they've spent the last several years refining their design process and building their core philosophy, which is, "make the most beautiful longboards ever seen without compromising quality." Despite the years committed to this venture, they've only just now hung their shingle by offering their branded products for sale.

As such, they've only one board for sale, the Moostaste, which sells for $180.00 for the deck alone, and $320.00 complete. Without knowing the set up, the deck alone seems the best bet. And before anyone balks at the price for just the deck, consider this is also a piece of art worthy of any wall. Laser etched with an original design from one of my favorites, Uberkraaft, suddenly the price seems a bargain.


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