Posted by specialK August 16, 2012

What started out as rebellion against western culture in Norway ended up in murder & arson. UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US is a documentary that shows how the Black Metal scene that began in Norway during the 90s spun out of control.  While I was familiar with the stories & events that transpired during that time, I never understood the motives. Were the guys involved in this scene so devoted to Satan that they felt the need to burn churches & kill people? UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US answered many of my questions and gave me some insight on what actually happened & what was media sensationalism.  

I hesitated to watch this movie because I despised the main players so much.  How can they be taken seriously with all of that dumb make-up on their faces? Come on! What is this? KISS?  And though I knew the grizzly details of what happened, watching Varg Vikernes coldly describe the murder of Euronymous (leader of the Black Metal scene) was unnerving. Varg... he is like the charismatic evil genius you see in comic books. If he only used his powers for good instead of evil!! 

Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell is the main focus of the movie. As the leader of Darkthrone (the first recorded Black Metal band), he's having a hard time watching the growing popularity of Black Metal. Not only was it an esoteric little scene, BlackMetal was Fenriz's very personal and creative expression.  Watching kids put on the clown makeup & buy into the media's distorted idea of what Black Metal is (as opposed to what it was intended to be), is a hard  pill to swallow. You can really see how uncomfortable this is for Fenriz when he is in Stockholm viewing an art exhibit based on the original Black Metal scene which he helped found. 

Black Metal started out as a cultural movement that had nothing to do Satanism. These (very) young adults tried to change their world. Some of them went about it in a crazy,violent way & they failed (BIG time) but they did take action. How many 19yr olds do you know who would take on such a task?

Oh!  Look for a strange appearance from Harmony Korine! 

Released in 12/10, UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US was directed by Aaron Aites & Audrey Ewell & is currently available on line & DVD. 



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