Posted by Trustpigs September 12, 2012

Is your mouth watering for a nice, juicy burger fresh off of the grill? Filled with fresh, crisp lettuce and oozing, melted cheese, this slab of beef is sure to satisfy… And all the mustard and ketchup are done up just right. Why is this burger so perfect? Because it's cast in vinyl for your collecting pleasure… That's right, the return of the Arbito designed "Patty Power" with the new "Triple Decker" Edition from Super7. Being released tomorrow (on Thursday, September 13th, 2012) at 12 Noon Pacific time, this 4-inch vinyl figure is cast in yellow vinyl with a healthy spray of brown, red, orange, white and green paints. So rush on over make sure you're order is up at the Super7 online store!


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