Posted by Erica September 20, 2012

Richard from Foldable.Me was sweet enough to give me an opportunity to get some early access before the Foldable.Me public launch! So, when i got my very own Foldable.Me in the mail, I was SUPER excited to put the "Foldable.Erica" together! Trust Pigs was kind enough to help me out by taking a zillion photos throughout the process, so that all you dear readers could get a glimpse of what the "pop, fold and slot" process was like. 

Enjoy the photos below! Though I might have had a little too much fun with this! 

This is what you get in the mail: a single sheet with everything you need for your own foldable character. 

Once you pop all of the pieces out, you should have something like the above.

And let the folding process begin!

Along the way, i noticed that the Foldable.Me figues have THE PERFECT heads for headstands! 

Me giving my completed "Foldable.Erica" a smooch on the cheek! I love her so much! Thanks to the Foldable.Me crew for providing me with this figure! 

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