Posted by specialK January 28, 2013

Jeff Beck has sent us some pictures of his submissions for Dave Webb's "Blinded by Love Munny Blind Box Series 1". The series will go on sale at 5PM on February 5th to coincide with his 8 year wedding anniversary. 

Jeff did something a little different this time by making the customs see through, exposing their hearts. The blue figure is called "Warm Heart" because "a warm heart can melt the coldest person". "Cold Soul" is the next figure and he represents the painful side of love, the kind of experience that "can make a person cold right down to their souls". Both of the 4" Munnys were made with Magic Sculpt, acrylic paint & lots of love. Each one comes in a Valentine themed Chines Box with a signed art card. 

The "Blinded by Love Munny Blind Box Series 1" will be available on DAVEMARKART on February 5th at 5PM for $100 a box. 

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