Posted by specialK January 10, 2013

Mimoco is commemorating the legacy of the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presely. No, they're not releasing a commemortive plate or special gold plated coin, Mimoco is celebrating The King with an ELVIS X MIMOBOT flash drive. There's a whole lot of Elvis going on these days with the newly proclaimed Elvis Presely Day in Memphis ,Tennessee and the 40th anniversary of his monumental "Aloha in Hawaii" concert (which was the first live concert broadcast ever). On January 8th - Elvis' birthday - Mimoco announced the addition of the Elvis Flash drive to their "Legends of Mimobot" collection. Elvis joins Albert Einstein & his Kung Fu mentor, Bruce Lee in the awesome "Legends" series.

The Elvis Mimobot features 2 design variants, both styles available up to 128GB of data storage in USB3.0 speeds. The Elvis line comes with the MimoDesk personalization suite that includes all kinds of goodies like ELVIS X MIMOBOT wallpapers, icons & avatars. The best part of the special bonus' is the sound software that offers "iconic sounds & character dialogue" that play each time ELVIS X MIMOBOT is inserted or ejected from your computer. As we've mentioned earlier, you can choose betwee 2 design variants; young, naive, army Elvis or the hunk of burning love Las Vegas Elvis. I think Vegas Elvis is my favorite MIMOBOT release to date. You can pick up your ELVIS X MIMOBOT on Mimoco's website


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