Posted by Andrew Hayward January 16, 2013

Initially released last June, Parra's stunning "Pierced" sculpture was an immediate hit, with the 300 units of the original red-and-blue statue of lovers intertwined selling out almost immediately. Luckily, those who missed out on the initial design can soon spring for the second edition, dubbed the Shades of Grey version in tribute to a certain sensational erotic novel series.

"The contrasting matte and high gloss 10-inch tall vinyl sculpture has no front or back, telling its story in the round, depicting two figures entwined and suspended in a dramatic dance of passion and pain," reads the Kidrobot post. "A fiery embrace between two lovers, one clothed and one nude, changes from an ecstatic and intimate moment to an impaling brutal display of empowerment."

The Shades of Grey version comes in a much larger edition than the original, with a total of 750 units produced. Priced at $150 apiece, Pierced will be released on January 31 at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers.


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