Posted by specialK January 24, 2013

I know everyone in Brooklyn wants this. Too bad! There's only one available! John Dunivant's 2007 painting "Wild Women of Borneo" was painted as a loving tribute to female side show geeks (known as Eekas) and his favorite band Snake Out. Snake Out have two fierce, flame throwing, female band members named Tina & Brenda who dress like the wild, savage women they are (in their heart of hearts) on stage.  The shrunken head in the painting depicts Snake Out's lead singer, Len. 

"Wild Women of Borneo" is 12" x 13" x 2" and comes  signed with a certificate of authenticity in a 1" cradled wood frame with attached ready to hang hardware. The painting is available through 1XRUN for $100.  


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