Posted by specialK March 27, 2013

Easter Chick Gone Wild is not the name of an old Roger Corman movie, it is the name of Plaseebo's latest monstrous figure. The actual figure is an 8" tall, angry, mutant chicken who will unleash his wrath on Easter Sunday. This one of a kind hand-cast resin figure is the basis for Plaseebo's ultra limited Chicks Gone Wild series. Our evil protagonist's story begins in 1958 when he is dumped on a dirt road after out growing his Easter chick cuteness. He finds himself with a group of other unwanted teenage chickens near an abandoned farm in Almagordo, New Mexico; a town practically glowing from the radiation and nuclear fall out of the near by Nevada Proving Ground for Atospheric Atomic Testing. After drinking from poisoned ponds and eating irradiated corn the lost chicks grew to a mighty 38', wreaking havoc with their huge, razor sharp talons and beaks. Throwbacks to their dinosaur ancestors, they began attacking cars on lonely night highways and desert roads, eating the tasty humans inside the metal eggs! Bob Conge (aka Plassebo) calls it chicken karma. If you're ready for some Easter Chick Gone Wild you can check Plaseebo's webshop for this hand painted, signed, one of a kind figure on March 31st! 


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