Posted by specialK April 26, 2013

The Invasion is the very first custom Dunny series & event by Vinyl Attack and it sounds like a good one! The theme of the series will be the invasion of earth as seen by two different sides - The Invaders and The Resistence! The Invaders can be anything that can invade or do serious kick-ass damage to the earth like robots, kaiju, animals, bugs, germs, FOOD - it's all up to the artist! On the other hand, the Resistance can be anything that would defend the earth and battle it out with the Invaders. Once again, who the members of the Resistance are & what  they do is entirely up to the artist. The 19 artists involved had to create two custom dunnys, one representing each side. Participating artists include Josh Mayhem, Murkasec, WuzOne, Ouidesign, Melodreama, Mike Die, Teddyman, Roar With Lucas, Gerard Mds, Jenn & Tony Bot, Ianziobrowski, Popcornhead, Frank Mysterio, Néna Nguyen, Loz Hausofboz, PJ Constable, Tasha Zimich, Jalos, & Les Machines.  Remaining pieces will be available online in Vinyl Attack's webshop on June 15th! The Invasion sounds interesting so keep your eyes open for previews !


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