Posted by specialK April 04, 2013

February 2011 saw renowned artist Nathan Spoor collect artworks of forty critically acclaimed contemporary artists and launching his Suggestivism project at Grand Central Art in Los Angeles. Suggestivism begins with a conceptual and non-aesthetical reading of the popular artistic wave known or labeled as Pop Surrealism. The search for common ground beyond aesthetics is what brought Spoor to these appreciated artists. Spoor found that these artists shared common "creative intentions" and "sensitivity" that moved Spoor to call this art Suggestivism. After the initial 2011 LA exhibit, Bold Hype Gallery in New York opened Suggestivism New York, a second edition of the art exhibition. Now,with the help of Mondopop, the third edition of the Suggestivism exhibit finds its way to Europe. Opening May 3rd at Rome's Casa dell' Architettura, Suggestivism 2013 exhibition features artists who are a large part of the new American contemporary art world. Some of the artists participating in the group event are Ron English, Esao Andrews, Mia Araujo, Julian Callos, Cam de Leon, Yoko d'Holbachie, Charlie Immer, Kris Lewis, Jason Limon, Chris Mars, Dan May, Jeff McMillan. Suggestivism 2013 will be on exhibit at Casa dell' Architettura in Rome, Italy from May 3rd through May 30th. Visit Mondopop's website to see the full list of exhibiting artists.  



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