Posted by specialK May 28, 2013

Titan Merchandise has once again commissioned Lunartik to design their latest Doctor Who mini-series. 10th Doctor is the name of the new blind-boxed series, and it  features 12 Doctor Who characters including some of the good doctor's most formidable foes such as Daleks, Sontaran, Vashta Nerada, Clockwork Robot & Cyber Leader. Featuring David Tennant as the 10th Doctor, the series also includes 4 chasers that you may or may not have to travel time & universe to collect! Scheduled for a 8/1 release, 10th Doctor will be available through Lunartik for Â£7.99. Lunartik also has stated that he will have 80 Artist Proofs available in August and promises more details to come. You can pre-order your 10th Doctor mini-figures right HERE on Forbidden Planet's website! 


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