Posted by specialK May 01, 2013

In Northern fastness there doth dwell / Vile sentinels at the Gates of Hell / Nine Bogs of mein most profane / Foul harbingers of Odin's Bane

So goeth the description of Frank Kozik & Skinner's evil spawn; A Northern Bog. A Northern Bog was birthed beneath the freezing moon in the frost laden mountains of Northern California, when the eternal master Kozik touched 9 of Skinner's Ultrus Bog figures with his icy hands. The coven, consisting of nine 9", cold, black, Ultrus Bog sofubi figures were then sprayed with silver & pink V-Color paints by the Wizard Kozik. But the Wizard was not finished with the circle of 9 for he then proceeded to mark each of them with a number and his signature. All 9  A Northern Bog figures were then sealed in a bag equipped with a header card, also numbered and signed by the necro hand of the Wizard Kozik. Only the chosen ones may harbor A Northern Bog in their lair, for only 9 exist and they are limited to one per customer/household. If you choose to take on the powerful A Northern Bog, you will have to pay the price for this immortal pagan demon is available for $200 through Frank Kozik's webshop. A Northern Bog will make his presence known today, May 1st, at the hour of 12 noon Pacific time in the shop of the eternal Wizard Frank Kozik!


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