Posted by specialK May 06, 2013

Plaseebo's contribution to Toy Art Gallery's upcoming group show YHWH is a fantastic combination of vinyl and hand cast resin with feathers. Known as Oxymoron Carnivale, this 14" tall piece is Plaseebo's take on Mark Ryden's YHWH vinyl figure. Oxymoron Carnivale is a one of a kind piece and is signed by Bob Conge (aka Plaseebo). 

The YHWH group exhibit is a tribute to artist Mark Ryden's well known YHWH vinyl toy. With Mark Ryden's Blessing, Toy Art Gallery has assembled an amazing group of talented artists to share their vision of the YHWH toy. The group show opens 5/11 and will run through 5/26 at Toy Art Gallery in Hollywood, California. 


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