Posted by Erica June 20, 2013

Toy Mafia (\ˈtȯi mä-fē-ə\)


An organized international body of designer toy collectors, originally founded in NYC. Toy Mafia events take place monthly and are often associated with exclusive releases and excessive partying.


Clutter's Toy Mafia event in June features a line-up that will have designer toy collectors drooling… And today we're revealing an assortment of "Top Rope" figures by Nama Niku!

June 22nd will also feature other rad releases by Butcher Brand, Monster Island, Bombermat Toys, and Tru:Tek!

Remaining pieces, if any, will be available in Clutter's web store on Monday, June 24th, 2013!


Designed by Nama Niku and cast by Eric Nilla, these Namakeshi flexible rubber figures are part of the NNWA… the Nama Niku Wrestling Alliance! Named "Top Rope," this 1.5" tall figure is being made available for quite possibly the last time. This kit-bashed M.U.S.C.L.E figure features an originally sculpted wrestling ring torso that has real ropes threaded through it. And each one comes with micro-sized versions of the Mud Man and The Claw figures as well as a funky vintage Kinnikuman wrestling scene card!

Limited to only 16 pieces, each one is cast in a completely unique color exclusive to this Toy Mafia event!

The Event will take place this Saturday, June 22nd at Concrete NYC! Party starts at 8pm!


320 West 37th St.

BTW 8th and 9th

New York



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