Posted by Mike September 30, 2014

LMNL Gallery, a new art space at the offices of digital agency Bluecadet, launches on October 3rd with Redirect, the first solo show from Kid Hazo.

Kid Hazo is a young Philadelphia-based artist best known for his (often Philly-centric) street art. Since early 2013, he has been installing sculptures, giant stickers and custom signage in public spaces. Kid Hazo’s street art is set apart by being site-specific and always being well crafted. In his short time on the street, he’s lent a helping hand to lost Rocky fans, confused the PPA and even won the hearts of the folks at Visit Philly. Kid Hazo has quickly become the standard-bearer and public face of Philadelphia street art, even though his identity is still a closely guarded secret.

Redirect is Kid Hazo’s first solo exhibition. Kid Hazo has taken the opportunity to explore concepts and forms that wouldn’t be feasible outdoors, as well to display works that only had a very brief lifespan on the street. Typically, Kid Hazo’s work has to be experienced one piece at a time on the street, or in photos online, but Redirect will be a rare concentrated glimpse at the ever expanding and increasingly ridiculous Kid Hazo universe.

Kid Hazo understands site-specificity better than many street artists with decades of experience, and his work reflects that. Redirect will be no different, in that the exhibition will be site-specific to the environment of a Philadelphia art gallery in the lobby of a high-tech design studio.

“When Thomas Buildmore suggested that we launch LMNL Gallery with a Kid Hazo show, I was excited. I wanted to use LMNL Gallery to challenge Kid Hazo, to see what he could do in a gallery and what dreams he had that just wouldn’t fit onto 12 x 18 inch sign. He came prepared and I think his fans will be pleasantly surprised. He’s also a perfect fit for LMNL Gallery because there’s a high-tech/low-tech tension in his street art: Tensions between how it’s crafted, how and where it is installed, and how it is experienced both online and by random passersby,” says curator RJ Rushmore.

LMNL Gallery is a new gallery space on Frankford Avenue, in the entrance to the offices of Bluecadet, an Emmy Award-winning digital agency that creates world-class websites, mobile apps, interactive installations, and immersive environments. Led by Bluecadet founder Josh Goldblum, gallery director Thomas Buildmore and curator RJ Rushmore, LMNL Gallery explores the intersection between contemporary art and technology. LMNL Gallery exhibits artists who are expanding the horizons of our emerging mediums and investigating technology's inspiring creative applications.

Redirect opens October 3rd with a reception from 7-9pm. The exhibition will remain on view through October 26th by appointment.


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