Posted by Miranda October 09, 2014

RESTORE's fourth foray into sofubi is a completely resculpted revisit of their "NEO JAPAN" garage kit character and they have made a very special glow-in-the-dark copies exclusively for Clutter's NYCC Booth.

Standing roughly 7½-inches tall, this warrior has clad himself in armor made from Oni hide and carries an Oni sword, and he will be available in an ultra-limited painted edition of 10 pieces at Booth #504 on Saturday, October 11th at 2PM.

These will be made available by lottery: tickets will be handed out, starting at 2PM, for 15 minutes. The lottery drawing will occur at 2:15PM. One ticket per person.

imagehotaru207.jpg, by Miranda 
imagehotaru01-1.jpg, by Miranda


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